There are three Terminal Examinations and Eight Monthly tests in the course of the year. In addition, Cycle tests are conducted every week for all classes. The minimum marks for a pass is 40% in all subjects. Valued answer scripts will be returned to the students for perusal and the marks will be entered in the Hand Book by the class Teacher.

Pupils who have not paid the fees will not be permitted to sit for the examination.

No pupil who fails for two years in succession will be kept in the school.

  • Absence during examination:

No Student will be allowed to be absent from any examination/test etc. without the prior permission from the Principal. Pupils absent for examinations will be considered as having failed. Pupils absent any examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined. The marks obtained in the Quarterly, Half-yearly and Final examination will be considered for promotion.

Absenting oneself for the sake of studying for examination is not permitted.

  • Conduct in the Examination Hall
    1. No book or paper of any kind is to be brought to the Examination Hall by the pupils and nothing should be written on the question paper. Every pupil should have the required writing and drawing materials and no lending or borrowing is permitted in the Examination Hall. Students should not bring any pouches for the Examinations.
    2. Absolute silence is to be maintained in the Examination Hall. Pupils who make use of unfair means during Examination will be severely dealt with: even those who help others in any way to have recourse to unfair means will be punished. Punishment will be to the extent of dismissal.
    3. A student who is found copying or helping another student will be awarded Zero mark in that particular subject. He will also be dismissed from the school according to the discretion of the Principal.
    4. A student caught copying or including in any other malpractice, will not be allowed to take a subsequent exam until the principal grants him/her written permission to take the other examinations. Such a student must bring his/her parents to the Principal. A fitting punishment will be meted out of these according to the discretion of the Principal.


  • Examination Results

After the Terminal Examinations the scripts of the students will be sent to the parents through their son / daughter for their perusal and signature and they should be returned within three days.

Progress Report showing the application of the pupils and their results will be given after the Terminal Examinations on the OPEN DAY. Parents or Guardian are requested to examine the Progress Report carefully and see that their sons, daughters or wards make a special effort to study those subjects in which they are weak. They should attend the class open day held after every Terminal Exam. The student whose parents do not turn up for the OPEN DAY will not be permitted into the class the following day.