Don Bosco Nine Tips

1. Be God-Fearing
Remember, all true wisdom begins and ends in God. Take care never to offend God, thus alienating His help from you.

2. Never waste a moment of time
Time is precious, never seek excuses for being absent from school. Don’t day-dream but keep your mind on your books. Always be in in time for school

3. Do not pass on to something new until you have understood all its that has gone before
Follow up your studies day by day. Do not leave everything until the examinations are near. Never be afraid of asking further explanation from your teacher.

4. Take your meals at fixed hours
Regulate your meals well. An overloaded stomach will mean headache and inability to apply yourself to study.

5. Make friends with studious boys/girls
They will help you both by word and example. Keep away from the bad and lazy.

6. Take part in games
Recreation serves to refresh your mind and gives you new energy study. Never read during recreation; on the other hand do not given yourself entirely to games to the determinant of your studies.

7. Do not flinch in the face of difficulties in your studies
Tackle all your difficulties with courage. Remember, a prayer to God for light will always help.

8. When studying keep your mind only on your books
Do not take on too many extra activities that may hamper your studies If you read, read useful books, do not get a craze for comics etc.

9. Always have recourse to the protection of Mary, the Mother of God
She is invoked as “Seat of Wisdom”. Begin and end all your studies with a ‘Hail Mary’ to her.